Charitable Giving

The Saint Mary Magdalene Community is an independent, 501(c)3 organization. We are self-supporting through donations from community members and friends who cover expenses including rent, our Zoom account, and supplies.

Give Back

Each month, the Saint Mary Magdalene Community donates to a local, national, or international charity to share our resources with people in need.

Charity of the Month: May 2024

Kay Lasante Clinic, Haiti


Boys & Girls Club of Chester
The mission of the Boys & Girls Club of Chester is to nurture the development of Chester’s young people and guide them along the path to future success by providing an environment that supports excellence in education, good character and citizenship, and a healthy lifestyle.

Chester Community Coalition

The Chester Community Coalition provides trauma-informed support services to families directly affected by gun violence throughout Chester, PA, and Delaware County, PA. They seek to heal the psychological and emotional impact and reduce trauma-related reactive violence.

Dawn’s Place

Dawn’s Place offers a loving, trauma-based residential program to women who have been trafficked and exploited for commercial sex work. Most of these women were sexually abused as children and suffer from PTSD and substance abuse.


Kay Lasante Clinic in Haiti

Kay Lasante “House of Health” is a Haitian-operated health clinic in Port au Prince that provides health care services with dignity and respect for those who are marginalized and lack access to care. Their goal is to provide quality health care services for Haitians by Haitians. Kay Lasante is now under new umbrella and donations are now tax deductible through the What If Foundation.

Missionaries of the Poor in Kingston, Jamaica
The Brothers provide free food, medical care, home repair, pastoral care, and night shelter for orphans, malnourished children, distressed mothers and babies, the elderly, mentally and physically disabled young women and those suffering with AIDS.

Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary in Liberia, West Africa

The Missionary Sisters work with partners to spread the message of Christ’s love and reconciliation. They cross cultural and national boundaries to preserve God’s creation and ensure all individuals, particularly the marginalized, have the resources they need for a dignified life.

Mom’s House
Mom’s House provides a unique family support system, including free state-licensed childcare for low income single parents while they are pursuing their full-time education and becoming independent members of society. 


PAR-Recycle Works

PAR-Recycle Works is an electronics recycler that provides transitional employment to people returning from prison. Revenue is generated by deconstructing electronics waste (often referred to as e-waste) and destroying data on donated computers and devices.

Educational Equity Program – Face to Face

The Educational Equity Program of Face to Face in the Germantown section of Philadelphia seeks to mitigate the long-term consequences of growing up in poverty by providing supportive services to families. These include quality Headstart, linkages with area schools, as well as meals, legal, social, and health services.

Survivor’s Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP)

SNAP is an international volunteer network for clergy abuse victims assaulted by priests, ministers, nuns, or rabbis. They protect children and the vulnerable through phone calls, support groups, and referrals, and advocate for stronger laws to expose predators and their enablers.

Water is Life Kenya (WILK)

WILK serves the Maasai herders of cattle and goats, who face the worst drought in 30 years. They drill for clean water (over 24 so far), school herders in better husbandry practices, help women establish their own herds, and make it possible for children to attend school.


Give and Go Athletics

Since 2009, Given and Go Athletics has used sports and arts to promote health, development and social-emotional learning among young people in Philadelphia. Give and Go serves nearly 1000 youth a year and is building out its organization and relationships in Kinship with the North Philadelphia community and Play Like a Champion Today.

Another Way to Give Back is to Volunteer.